My Payments


 1. What is CITY College’s Online Payment System?
CITY College’s Online Payment System is an internet-based service that provides a convenient and fast way of payments for a variety of services or products related to the College.



2. Is there a fee to use the Online Payment System?

No. The Online Payment System is a free service.



3. What payments can I make through CITY’s Online Payment System?

CITY’s Online Payment System may be used for the payment of specific services or products (eg. tuition fees, seminar fees or even college-related items). Not all categories are available at all times. View the categories currently available from the ‘categories’ menu of our Online Payment System.



4. Can I pay for my tuition fees CITY’s Online Payment System?

CITY College’s Online Payment System is available for the payment of tuition fees only for some academic programmes offered in specific locations. You may check the ‘categories’ menu to view the list of programmes that the online payment option is currently available for.



5. How will I know that the translation has been completed?

As soon as the transaction has been completed you will receive a receipt of your online payment by e-mail.



6. Is CITY’s Online Payment System secure?

Yes. With CITY’s Online Payment System, all payment data is received and processed in a completely secure, protected environment.



7. What happens if I make a wrong payment?

In case of a wrong transaction, please contact our Finance Department at explaining the situation. Our Finance Department will seek remedy for the error and will notify you when the mistake has been recovered in order to proceed with the correct payment.



8. Who should I contact if I need information about my tuition fees payment status?

 In case you need information about past of future payments, you are strongly advised to contact our Finance Department at